Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Activity next door

In the past, I have posted pictures of the new beachfront property near our place. After they built out the beach (Aug 2007) by pumping in sand, they piled a bunch of sand in a rectangular shaped mound. Within the last week, dump trucks have been taking the sand away (they took about half, not much more than what was removed in pic below). I was told the sand was placed there to help pack down the sand so that a building could be built on it. It makes sense... I guess. I will let you know when construction starts!

Out in the distance in the picture below is an island being created by pumping sand. A LOT of Lagos is reclaimed land. In the bottom left of the photo (above the checkered balcony) is a building that was flattened one day (it happened a while ago but I never wrote about it). For months construction was ongoing to build this house. Not too long after it was complete, but after people had moved in, someone came to demolish it. Our steward watched it from the window. We don't know why it was demolished... maybe someone built on land that did not belong to them but that is just a guess. Daniel said the windows were removed but the contents of the house were not prior to the walls being knocked down.

Pics taken 15Nov08.

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