Thursday, November 20, 2008

Degree Confluence Project

A friend of ours, Jonathan, always gave Bob a bit of grief for carrying his GPS everywhere... and now Jonathan has his own. He was talking one day about visiting confluences in Nigeria that have not been visited before... some geeky thing GPS nerds do. I thought he was talking about the confluence of two rivers as that was the context in which I had used the term before. What did I know?? Well he was talking about the Degree Confluence Project where GPS geeks travel to the intersection of whole number latitudes and longitudes documenting their visit with pictures and their story on the internet. Jonathan, Sharon, Kazeem and a guard went to 7°N 3°E. Click on the link to see their story. It is actually pretty cool what they did and not geeky at all (in my opinion anyway). Many of the easily reachable locations have been visited and documented but not all. This is just one more thing to research before a trip... our next trip is to Ethiopia.

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Cactolith said...

Does Bob do geocaching? I found out about it on the Garmin website and it pointed me to this site Not too many sites in Indonesia and none I could find on Anak Krakatau (Krakatoa).