Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toilet Situation in Lagos

Warning: If you are easiliy disgusted then don't read on...

There are no public toilets in Lagos! Last year, after doing a fundraiser fun run, I needed to use the restroom as I had drank a lot of water. I was told there was no restroom and to go behind the building! I thought this was crazy! How can you run any kind of event with no toilets! That is the situation in Lagos. When looking for an article online about environmental day (also called sanitation day) being cancelled, I ran across this article online called When There is no Toilet... It really describes the situation here. On a typical drive you always see at least one person squatting in the bushes! Why doesn't the government do something!!! This is a health disaster waiting to happen!

Dignified Mobile Toilets, a company that rents mobile toilets, has a motto which is The Shit Business is Good Business!

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