Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life in Lagos can be a Rollercoaster

Last Monday was a bad day. It was just one of those days where nothing goes right. I tried to print something at the office and I could not find a printer that worked. I went to the bathroom, only to find there is no toilet paper (not an uncommon expereince... I should have known). I was going home and the power went out in the building so I had to walk nine floors in the dark (no back-up lights). Then I went outside to deal with the constant horn honking. Many of these experiences are every day occurrences but some days they just drive me crazy!

Now... all is on the up and up and after Monday the week just got better. I finally left the office before 6PM on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and spent some more time with Bob. This morning I went running with friends (which was great) and as I was walking back to my flat I had a smile on my face. Almost everyone I walked past greeted me and I greeted them back. Nigerians are very friendly. Life is good.

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Dave & Suzanne said...

I hear you about little things being daily frustrations. I have started carrying TP with me in my purse for emergencies. It is also interesting when nothing works. Dave and I once were trying to make a phone call home to the U.S. and had 4 phones between the two of us and the Skype internet phone but not one of them worked. But then I think we have learned to appreciate things more when they do work, (like the internet right now is going kind of fast! :) ) Take care and be careful on those dark stairs when the power goes out!